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5 ways Georgians show Hospitality to Foreigners

For ages, Georgians have built up a custom and reputation as a cordial country. The display of hospitality can be seen everywhere, at home, on the streets and even at School. Georgians even have a public landmark, called Kartlis Deda (Mother of Georgia), which signifies friendship and hospitality.

A Visitor is a Blessing from God.

This expression depicts Georgian hospitality. Local people accept that a visitor is a blessing from God, and they treat foreigners much like Royalty. At the point when an individual is invited to a Georgian home, they are offered food and drink at regular intervals, regardless of whether the visitor is staying just for the evening or much longer. The host will demand that you eat and drink as much as you can, especially when you have an unfilled plate, and they’re would like you to stay with them a bit longer.

They’ll Take You Wherever They Go

If you are visiting a Georgian friend, they will take you along with them wherever they go. They will welcome you into their home and will introduce you to everyone in their family. Expect a supra, which is a Georgian gala where the visitor is treated like Royalty. Do not be shocked if you end up at a wedding or another big celebration where you know no one except the host, worry not, everyone will make sure you are welcomed and treated properly, even if they don’t speak your language.

They’ll Show You Around

Georgians are proud of their ancient culture, traditions, and the nation in general and are more than happy to take some time off to show you around their country. They are eager to make you fall in love their country, customs, and traditions and will tell you the stories of their kings, queens, poets, and heroes with pride. You just say what you want to see, and the rest is taken care of.

They Won’t Let You Pay

Even if you have only just recently befriended a Georgian, and you’re not actually their guest, they won’t let you pay for a dinner, beer or anything else while you are with them. They won’t make you chip in for the petrol if they are driving you around and showing you the country. That’s just an unwritten rule.

They’re Overly Helpful

If a visitor asks a local for directions, there’s a good chance that the visitor will be escorted to the destination if it’s anywhere in the vicinity. If the Georgian doesn’t know the way, he or she will find someone who can help. Don’t be surprised when this becomes a neighborhood affair. The same goes if you are a guest of a Georgian friend and you ask for something they don’t have. Your host will call all his or her friends to help. Georgian’s say that “your friend is my friend,” and they will do their best to assist you with anything, even if you haven’t met them.

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